The Relationship between CoMREC’s and NHSRC

COMRECand NHSRC are the only two Ethics Committees (ECs) in Malawi which are recognized by the Government. They operate as sister Committees acting within their properly defined jurisdictions. The NHSRS operates from within the Ministry of Health in Lilongwe, while COMRECoperates from the College of Medicine, Blantyre Campus. To foster a functional relationship between the two ECs, COMRECreviews protocols from COM and KCN members of faculty and their collaborators/co-investigators and research affiliates, Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust (MLW), the Blantyre Malaria Project (BMP), the Malaria Alert Centre (MAC) and the Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH). Studies that are deemed to be of national interest are referred to the NHSRC. Each Committee has members representing the other Committee as a way of ensuring that the activities of the two Committees are well coordinated and harmonized. The two ECs report to and are centrally monitored by the NCST. The NCST is the overall regulatory body.