The different roles played by the CoMREC and the CoMREC secretariat

The functions of the College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee (CoMREC) and the functions of the Secretariat of CoMREC differ. In the main, the functions of CoMREC is to protect the safety of human and animal subjects participating in research by review and approve proposals that are scientifically and ethically sound.

The Secretariat of CoMREC serves to provide administrative support to the Committee and to researchers for the efficient functioning of the Committee. The Secretariat is comprised of 3 members: the IRB Administrator, the Compliance Officer and the Administrative Assistant. The IRB Administrator provides technical assistance to investigators involved in human and animal subjects research and provides recommendations for improving the CoMREC review process. The Compliance Officer assess whether research approved by CoMREC is being conducted in accordance with CoMREC guidelines and other relevant national and international standards. The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support and assists in the proper functioning of the CoMREC secretariat office.