The three core functions of the College of Medicine (CoM) are teaching, service and research. To facilitate research function the UNIMA established College Research and Publication Committees (CRPC) in all its constituent colleges. Studies conducted in the CoM include those that require participation of human subjects. All such research requires ethical review and approval. The CoM established COMREC in order to perform these function.

Guidelines for ethical and scientific standards for the conduct of research involving human subjects have been developed and established. These include the Declaration of Helsinki (WMA), the International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects (/CIOMSWHO), Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (ICH). Compliance with these guidelines helps to ensure that the dignity, rights, safety, and well-being of research participants are promoted and that the results of the investigations are credible. In addition, there are national guidelines by the National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST), formerly known as the National Research Council of Malawi (NRCM) , which are based on international guidelines.

The College of Medicine (CoM) developed its first guidelines for COMREC in 1995. The CoM has undertaken a review of the original guidelines to keep them in line with both the National Commission for Science and Technology and international guidelines.

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Proposal formart

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Proposal check list

When you submit a research proposal for the Committee to approve, first read the document entitled Guidelines for Research Proposals (Revised in February 2003). Make sure that your proposal is in the format outlined in the Guidelines.

Before sending or giving the proposal to the Committee, complete the following check-list by ticking each item you have included. Do not send the c proposal in unless you can tick all the boxes, or provide a reason for the absence of any item. Attach the completed check-listto the front of your submission.

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